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What is going on...

Februar 15, 2009 - Michael Nagenborg
I just realised that I did not post anything here since November 2008... well, it's time for a short update... Here are the tour dates: I will come to CEPE 2009, where I will host a special panel discussion on occasion of the 10th Anniversary of the foundation of the International Center for Information Ethics. I will also come to STP in Enschede.

I also did become the vice-director of the Steinbeis-Transfer Institute of Information Ethics and was nominated as a member of the Management Committee of Living in Surveillance Societies (LiSS).

New Article: The concept of war in the World of Warcraft

Februar 15, 2009 - Michael Nagenborg
The "Conference Proceedings of The Philosophy of Computer Games 2008" are now avaiable at There is also a print edition of the proceedings. If you are only interested in "The concept of war in the World of Warcraft" (co-written by Christian Hoffstadt and me) you may also access the single article online.