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Out now: Suicidality in the Media

Oktober 30, 2008 - Michael Nagenborg
The book Suicidality in the Media (edited by Arno Herberth, Thomas Niederkrotenthaler and Benedikt Till) has finally been published. Christian Hoffstadt and I did contribute a chapter on "Suicide-Depictions in Computer and Video Games".

Making headlines

Oktober 30, 2008 - Michael Nagenborg
The upcoming conference on Heavy Metal in Salzburg is featured in The Guardian.

Heavy Metal-Paper online

Oktober 16, 2008 - Michael Nagenborg
The draft version of the paper I am going to present with my co-author Christian Hoffstadt at the Heavy Fundametalisms-conference in November was be published online. Comments and suggestions are welcome! (It's a draft, you know...)

Since I haved posted on this blog in a while, here is a short summary of what I did and what I am going to do: I have done a presentation at the German Philosophy Conference on informational justice and privacy. The German paper can be downloaded at the conference website. I went on vacation (Cadiz and Jerrez are wonderfull cities!) and I am going to co-host the Medicine and Philosophy-Symposium in Tübingen, that is going to take place this weekend. At the symposium I will present a paper on the question "Since when are we not able to eat knowledge?". Yes, that is a strange question.

I did also a couple of German papers. I guess the next English paper being published is going to be "A life no longer worth playing - Some remarks on Ingame-Suicide". I will keep you updated.