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Thinking Critically (Milwaukee, May 15-17, 2008)

Mai 12, 2008 - Michael Nagenborg
I will present my paper "Is there such a thing as ethical surveillance?" at the conference Thinking Critically: Alternative Perspectives and Methods in Information Studies (May 15-17, 2008). Since I will be spending a few extra days in Milwaukee and Chicago, I will be out of my office till May 26th.

Budapest: War, Virtual War, and Human Security

Mai 03, 2008 - Michael Nagenborg
From Monday to Wendsday I will participate in the War, Virtual War, and Human Security-Conference held in Budapest. I will present a paper on "The World of Warcraft: Creating a Safe and Secure Place for an Entertaining War" (co-written by Christian Hoffstadt). You will find a draft version of the paper online at the conference web site.